Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Aids Game

Just a week before World Aids Day and the WHO has released their new stats. I discovered this, as did many, via the world media. In my case, because foreign papers are quite hard to come by here, I tend to check news sites online. I am a creature of habit so I generally check the BBC and a few South African news sites. I came across the story about the WHO stats first on the BBC, with this encouraging headline:

HIV infections and deaths fall as drugs have impact

Not much later, I came across this in the M&G online:

Aids death toll passes 25-million

Funny how much easier it is to be encouraged by the WHO report when it's not your people who are dying. It's great to know that prevention campaigns are working (not that this is entirely new information) and that people living longer, but that doesn't change the reality of Aids and it doesn't make things okay. No matter how cheerfully the first world would like to view the issue.

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