Friday, 16 January 2009

Worlds apart

It's been a week since we returned. A week tomorrow. It feels like a lifetime. A lifetime since the turquoise seas and palm-riddled beach towns. A lifetime since the world's most dodgy bus. A lifetime since the pina coladas from scratch.

More than that. It doesn't just feel long ago, it feels far away. As if in another universe, where things function differently.

Being in Cape Town for this week, I haven't really come back down to earth yet. I suppose this has partly to do with the fact that I have, really, nothing to come back to.

Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm walking through life in a daze. As if the world I've returned to is the parallel, unreal space and the time away was real.


  1. In Cape Town and no phone call? :( I'm wounded. x

  2. Er... I thought you were away. And was in Somerset West, actually. Sorry, will call next time!