Thursday, 28 August 2008

The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload...

Last week a schoolkid came to school with a sword and stabbed two of his schoolmates, killing one of them. He was 18. He listened to deathmetal music. He was a loner. He was probably bullied.

In response, Education Department officials have warned schools and parents to be wary of loners and introverts. They want schools to watch out for the kids who don't seem to have any friends, the ones who are isolated, the ones who don't really fit in case they're the next 'samurai sword killer'. They want schools to be aware that kids who are different are dangerous.

Oh, this kid was also on drugs. A lot of people assume that this is a clear and instant indication that this is a bad kid. The combination of music that doesn't stick to what is 'acceptable' with drugs is particularly problematic for many people. Because, of course, no leader of business, no pillar of the community has ever tried drugs.

So the warning has gone out that different kids, loners, introverts and generally those who don't fit in should be kept under close surveillance because, clearly, we now have solid evidence that they are the really dangerous children who are likely to do something that will endanger others and to disrupt the life of the school and the country.

This, with all the hype and drama, happened just a very few weeks after four guys started their sentences for kicking to death a homeless man when they were schoolboys (the Waterkloof Four). Four big, strong, main-stream, first-team rugby schoolboys who were out in a group after a very social rugby party. But clearly it's the loners who're the problem.

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